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The pneumatic system uses compressed air as the power source. The air pressurized by the air compressor will be transmitted to the control valve (such as solenoid valve, check valve, control valve, etc.) through the pneumatic hose to control the flow and direction of the compressed air, so that pneumatic actuators (such as pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic motor, pneumatic gripper, etc.) can perform mechanical motions such as telescopic and rotating. The pneumatic systems are widely used in construction, industrial production, mining, robotics, dentistry and other fields.

Pneumatic Cylinder img

Pneumatic Cylinder -- refers to pneumatic actuators that can convert the pressure energy of compressed air into mechanical energy....

Air Preparation img

Air Preparation -- refers to pneumatic components that can pre-treat air....

Pneumatic Valve img

Pneumatic Valve -- refers to pneumatic components that can control the flow and direction of compressed air....

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Accessories -- contains hydraulic components that can use pneumatic technology and essential auxiliary components for pneumatic systems....

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