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TN Series
Dual-rod Air Cylinder (Φ10~Φ32)

TN Series Dual-rod Air Cylinder


TN Series are double-rods cylinders. Various specifications of cylinders and cylinder mounting accessories are available for customers to choose from.

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Basic Parameters

Action mode: double-acting

Working medium: air (filtered by 40μm filter)

Operating pressure range: 0.1~1.0MPa (14~145Psi)

Guaranteed pressure resistance: 1.5MPa (215Psi)

Working temperature: -20~70℃ (under non-freezing conditions)

Operating speed range: 30~500mm/s

Stroke tolerance range: 0~150 0+1.0 ; 150 0+1.4

Buffer method: crash pad

Non-rotational accuracy: ±0.4°; ±0.3°  (non-rotational accuracy is the angle at which the cylinder fixing plate can be rotated when the cylinder is fully retracted)

Connecting pipe diameter: M5x0.8, PT1/8 (NPT and G threads are available for selection)


Embedded installation and fixing method can save installation space.

It has certain anti-bending and anti-torsion properties, and can withstand certain lateral loads.

There are mounting holes on three sides of the fixing plate, which is suitable for multi-position installation.

The front end of the cylinder block is equipped with a crash pad, which can adjust the cylinder stroke and cushion the impact.

The standard configuration of this series of cylinders is the magnetic type, and no non-magnetic type is optional.

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