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TCL/TCM Series
Triple-rod Air Cylinder (Φ12~Φ63)

TCL/TCM Series Triple-rod Air Cylinder:


TCL/TCM Series are three-rods cylinders that implement the JIS standard. Various specifications of cylinders and cylinder mounting accessories are available for customers to choose from.

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Basic Parameters

Action mode: double-acting

Working medium: air (filtered by 40μm filter)

Operating pressure range: 0.1~1.0MPa (14~145Psi)

Guaranteed pressure resistance: 1.5MPa (215Psi)

Working temperature: -20~70℃ (under non-freezing conditions)

Operating speed range: 30~500mm/s

Stroke tolerance range: 0~150 0+1.0 ; 150 0+1.4

Buffer method: crash pad

Non-rotational accuracy: ±0.05°; ±0.06°; ±0.07°; ±0.08°; ±0.09°; ±0.10°  (non-rotational accuracy is the angle at which the cylinder fixing plate can be rotated when the cylinder is fully retracted)

Connecting pipe diameter: M5x0.8, PT1/8, PT1/4 (NPT and G threads are available for selection)


Two guide rods made of special bearing steel, guided by linear bearings or bronze bearings, have high anti-torsion and anti-side load capacity.

Steel ball linear bearing: It is suitable for the pushing action of the cylinder, or the occasions requiring high precision and high load capacity, especially suitable for the occasions requiring low friction movement.

Bronze sliding bearing: It is suitable for radial load-resistant actions such as cylinder braking. Compared with ordinary brake cylinders, the lateral impact resistance is increased by more than 2 times, and it has greater torsional rigidity.

The drive unit and the guide unit are designed in the same cylinder without additional accessories and with minimal space requirements.

The air inlet interface is optional, which is more convenient for installation.

There are two precise positioning holes (see the ΦPA hole and the XX hole in the outline drawing) on the bottom surface of the cylinder body, the rear end surface of the cylinder body and the fixing plate, which can provide higher-precision positioning and installation and are suitable for higher-precision requirements.

The four magnetic induction switch grooves on the cylinder body can provide a variety of installation methods for the induction switch.

The cylinder block has a special design, which can provide multi-directional installation and fixing methods.

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