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MPT Series
Air-Oil Intensifier Cylinders

MPT Series Air-Oil Intensifier Cylinders


MPT Series air-oil booster cylinder combines the advantages of air cylinder and oil cylinder, and is mainly used for machining. Compared with the hydraulic press, under the same output pressure, MPT series has the advantages of low energy consumption, no damage to the mold, less failure, no temperature rise problem, long life, low noise, etc.

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Basic Parameters

Working method: double-acting

Working pressure: 2~7kgf/cm2

Circulating oil: ISOVg68

Working temperature: -5~60℃

Operating speed: 50~70mm/s

Oil cylinder guaranteed pressure: 300kg/cm

Air cylinder guaranteed pressure: 15kg/cm


Hydraulic oil is strictly isolated from compressed air.

After the piston rod in the cylinder contacts the work piece, it starts automatically, the action speed is fast, and it is more stable than the pneumatic transmission.

The cylinder device is simple and the output adjustment is easy.

Soft landing without damaging the mold.

The installation is easy and the special booster cylinder can be installed at any angle of 360 degrees, taking up little space.

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