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MA Series
Stainless Steel Mini Air Cylinder (Φ16~Φ63)

MA Series Stainless Steel Mini Air Cylinder


MA Series are mini cylinders with a stainless steel cylinder body. Various specifications of cylinders and cylinder mounting accessories are available for customers to choose from.

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Basic Parameters

Action mode: single-acting; double-acting; double-acting buffer

Working medium: air (filtered by 40μm filter)

Operating pressure range:  0.1~1.0MPa (14~145Psi) ; 0.2~1.0MPa (28~145Psi)

Guaranteed pressure resistance: 1.5MPa (215Psi)

Working temperature: -20~70℃ (under non-freezing conditions)

Operating speed range: 30~800mm/s ; 50~800mm/s

Stroke tolerance range: 0~150 0+1.0 ; 150 0+1.4

Buffer method: adjustable buffer; crash pad

Connecting pipe diameter: M5x0.8, PT1/8, PT1/4 (NPT and G threads are available for selection)


The piston seal adopts a special-shaped two-way sealing structure, which is compact in size and has oil storage function.

The front and rear covers have fixed crash pads to reduce the reversing shock of the cylinder.

Various back cover forms make the cylinder installation more convenient.

The front and rear covers and the stainless steel cylinder body adopt a riveted rolling bag structure, which is reliable in connection.

The cylinder body adopts high-precision stainless steel tube, which has high strength and corrosion resistance.

All cylinders of this series are attached with magnets.

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