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M3 Series
3/2 Pneumatic Mechanical Valve

M3 Series 3/2 Pneumatic Mechanical Valve


M3 Series air mechanical valve is a manual reversing valve, which can be used as a mechanical switch to control the pneumatic equipment. Different mechanical control methods can be realized by using different control heads.

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Basic Parameters

Working medium: air (filtered by 40μm filter)

Number of positions: three-way two-position (3/2)

Action method: direct action

Control head types: rotary type; wheel type; long handle type; short handle type; button type, etc.

Control head colors: Black; Green; Red

Working pressure range: 0~145psi

Operating temperature range: -20~70℃

Lubrication: No need (if you need to add lubricating oil, it is recommended to use ISO VG32 or the same grade oil, and it cannot be stopped on the way)

Body material: aluminum alloy

Sealing material: NBR

Port size: M5; PT1/8; PT1/4 (NPT, G threads are optional)

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