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PA Series, PU Series, PY Series, BEA Series
Pneumatic Hose

Pneumatic Hose


Pneumatic hoses are suitable for the connection between pneumatic tools, pneumatic automation machinery, air compressors and pneumatic components. Mainly can be divided into PU tube, PA nylon tube, PY pneumatic yellow hose, BEA pneumatic hose, etc.

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It has excellent flexibility, less bending radius, resistance to bending, and high elastic recovery memory effect.

Resistant to abrasion, tear, impact and some non-corrosive chemicals and oils.

Good damping, smooth inner wall, low friction coefficient, high medium passing ability, good flame retardancy, non-toxic and tasteless.

As a flowable flammable object, it can be welded.

As a recognized environmentally friendly product, it can be 100% incinerated into ash.

Its color can be customized on demand for easy line identification.

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