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HFZ Series
Parallel Style Air Gripper (Φ6~Φ40)

HFZ Series Parallel Style Air Gripper


HFZ Series are parallel pneumatic fingers. Various specifications of cylinders and cylinder mounting accessories are available for customers to choose from.

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Basic Parameters

Action mode: single-acting; double-acting

Working medium: air (filtered by 40μm filter)

Operating pressure range: 0.2~0.7MPa (28~100Psi) (Φ6, Φ10); 0.35~0.7MPa (50~100Psi) (Φ6, Φ10); 0.1~0.7MPa (15~100Psi); 0.25~0.7MPa (36~100Psi)

Working temperature: -20~70℃ (under non-freezing conditions)

Repeatability: ±0.01mm; ±0.02mm

Operating maximum frequency: 60(c.p.m); 180(c.p.m)

Oil supply: not required

Connecting pipe diameter: M3x0.8, M5x0.8

Sensor switch: DS1-H; CS1-G; DS1-G


The linear guide adopts integrated design with high rigidity and high precision.

A positioning pin is attached at the bottom of the linear guide to prevent the guide from deviating from the body.

The fixed datum attached to the cylinder block has a deeper center hole, which improves the fixing accuracy and improves the consistency of repeated disassembly and positioning.

According to the actual use requirements of customers, the initial position of the gripper can be customized to meet different needs under different working conditions.

* If you need to customize according to your special needs, please contact us.

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