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FC Series
Hydraulic Buffer

FC Series Hydraulic Buffer


The function of FC Series hydraulic shock absorber is to stop the moving objects smoothly and effectively during automatic mechanical operation, and reduce its vibration and noise. Compared with AC Series, FC Series can absorb more impact energy. The main structure of the hydraulic buffer is the main body, the shaft, the bearing, the inner tube, the piston, the hydraulic shaft, the spring and so on. When the shaft is impacted by external force, the piston will squeeze the hydraulic oil in the inner tube, so that the hydraulic oil is discharged from the oil discharge hole and returned to the inner tube from the oil return hole. When the external force disappears, the spring bounces the piston back to the origin position and waits for the next action, and the hydraulic oil flows in the opposite direction.

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Basic Parameters

Working mode: automatic compensation

Impact speed: low speed; medium speed; high speed

Working temperature: -10~80℃

Auxiliary accessories: buffer head


Eliminate vibration and collision damage from non-mechanical movements, and reduce noise.

Extend mechanical life and reduce maintenance costs.

Make the mechanical action more stable, ensure product quality, and increase production capacity.

Make machine operation safer and avoid accidents.

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