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CQ2 Series
Short Stroke Compact Air Cylinder (Φ12~Φ100)

CQ2 Series Short Stroke Compact Air Cylinder


CQ2 Series are all-new designed ultra-thin cylinders with a new cylinder body. The CQ2 Series cylinder cancels the auto switch rail, and has circular grooves for installing small auto switches on all sides, which is more convenient to use and improves the degree of freedom in design. Various specifications of cylinders and cylinder mounting accessories are available for customers to choose from.

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Basic Parameters

Action mode: single-rod double-acting; double-rod double-acting

Working medium: air (filtered by 40μm filter)

Operating pressure range: 0.1~1.0MPa (14~145Psi); 0.2~1.0MPa (28~145Psi)

Guaranteed pressure resistance: 1.5MPa (215Psi)

Working temperature: -20~80℃ (under non-freezing conditions)

Operating speed range: 30~500mm/s

Stroke tolerance range: 0~150 0+1.0 ; 150 0+1.4

Buffer method: crash pad

Connecting pipe diameter: M, G, NPT and RC threads are available for selection

Indicator light: yes

Wire lead-out method: direct outlet

Suitable load: IC circuit, relay, and PLC

Auto switch mounting slot: 2 sides; 4 sides


According to different installation conditions, the auto switch can be installed at any position on the four sides (for Φ12~Φ25, it is two sides).

The magnetic switch does not protrude, which effectively prevents the damage of the magnetic switch, and eliminates the situation that the magnetic switch and the guide rail are attached to the cuff, which improves the operability and safety.

Reduce weight and reduce environmental pollution.

Small auto switches can be installed in a predetermined position without error.

It has high waterproof properties and can be used in the environment of water and coolant.

It has high resistance to strong magnetic field and can be used in strong magnetic field environments such as AC electrical welding machines.

It is more convenient to install the magnetic switch and effectively reduce the operation time.

The installation of the magnetic switch will not affect the overall dimensions of the cylinder, and there is no need to reconfirm the interference between the equipment, which effectively reduces the design man-hours.

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