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AMDⅠ Series
Pneumatic Pulse Jet Valve

AMDⅠ Series Pneumatic Pulse Jet Valve


AMDⅠ Series pulse valve is a pneumatic valve that converts electrical pulse signal into mechanical pulse. The positive pulse electrical signal is input to the coil of the solenoid valve through the wire, and the working magnetic flux generated by the coil turns the powerful energy of the pulsating gas into momentum, and releases a huge impulse in a short time. Its interval of pulses can be controlled by PLC control (calculated according to the rated gas pressure recovery time). The angle of inlet and outlet of AMDⅠ series pulse valve is 90°.

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Basic Parameters

Working medium: air (filtered by 40μm filter)

Inlet and outlet angle: 90°

Diaphragm: single diaphragm; double diaphragm

Diaphragm lifetime: >1 million times (injection)

Working voltage: 110VAC, 220VAC; 24VDC

Working pressure range: 43~114psi

Operating temperature range: -5~55℃

Relative humidity:<85%

Port size: G3/4; G1; G1 1/2; G2; G2 1/2; G3

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