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AL/BL Series
Air Lubricator

AL/BL Series Air Lubricator)


AL/BL Series pneumatic lubricator can inject lubricating oil into compressed air after atomizing, and flow into the parts that need to be lubricated together with the compressed air. However, with the popularization of oil-free lubrication technology, the application fields of lubricators are becoming less and less.

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Basic Parameters

Working fluid: air

Port size: PT1/4; PT3/8; PT1/2; PT3/4; PT1

Filter accuracy: 5μm

Working pressure range: 0~1.0Mpa

Operating temperature range: 5~60℃

Recommended lubricant: ISO VG32 or similar products

Pressure gauge diameter: G1/8; G1/4

Minimum oil flow: 15L/min; 30L/min; 50L/min; 190L/min

Oil cup capacity: 50CC; 130CC

Body material: die-casting aluminum alloy


Adopt balanced air intake, and equipped with relief device.

It can be freely combined with other series of air source treatment products.

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