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AFR/BFR Series
Pneumatic Filter & Regulator

AFR/BFR Series Pneumatic Filter & Regulator


AFR/BFR Series pneumatic filter regulators are mainly composed of AR/BR Series pressure regulators and AF/BF Series filters. AFR/BFR Series has the advantages of small size, reasonable structure and saving installation space. It can not only provide a clean and dry air source for the pneumatic system, but also ensure the stable pressure of the air source. Since there is no lubricator, it can avoid oil mist from leaking from the cylinder to cause pollution to the product, so it is suitable for food, medicine and other processing fields.

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Basic Parameters

Working fluid: air

Port size: PT1/8; PT1/4; PT3/8

Filter accuracy: 5μm

Working pressure range: 0~1.0Mpa

Pressure regulation range: 0.5~8.5kgf/cm2

Maximum adjustable pressure: 9.5kgf/cm2

Guaranteed pressure resistance: 15kgf/cm2

Operating temperature range: 5~60℃

Water cup capacity: 15CC; 60CC

Weight: 0.26kg; 0.4kg

Body material: die-casting aluminum alloy


The pressure regulating valve adopts a rolling diaphragm, and when the pressure at the input end fluctuates, the diaphragm will automatically adjust to make the pressure output smoothly.

The two-stage three-step filter can effectively remove impurities such as oil, water and dust in the compressed air.

The filter element has a long service life and does not need to be replaced as a whole, which greatly saves costs.

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