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AAD Series
Pneumatic Automatic Drainer

AAD Series Pneumatic Automatic Drainer


AAD Series pneumatic automatic drains are used for automatic drainage of condensed water at the bottom of pipes, oil-water separators, gas storage tanks and various filters. When there is no water, under the action of air pressure, the gas bottle in the AAD Series blocks the water outlet; when the water in the drain pipe reaches a certain level, the buoyancy is greater than the air pressure, the gas bottle floats, the drain pipe is opened, and the water is discharged under the action of air pressure , at the same time, the buoyancy is reduced, and the cylinder is lowered to block the drain. AAD Series should be installed in places where artificial drainage is inconvenient, such as high places, low places, and narrow places to prevent the compressed air from being re-contaminated by condensed water.

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Basic Parameters

Working fluid: air

Inlet port size: PT1/4; PT3/8; PT1/2

Outlet port size: PT1/4; PT3/8

Guaranteed pressure resistance: 15kgf/cm2

Maximum working pressure: 10kgf/cm2

Operating temperature range: 5~60℃

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